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Nevada License Lookup

Nevada is full of career opportunities for people who hold the appropriate licenses. The Nevada license lookup lists popular job opportunities in the state, along with the requirements for obtaining a license. Look through the Nevada license lookup and select a career path. Then, start the process of meeting the licensing requirements. Once you meet the requirements, you can apply for your license and start your new career.

Nevada Business License

Businesses must get a general business license to operate in Nevada. The license type and requirements depend on the business entity. The Nevada Secretary of State has a step-by-step guide for helping people get business licenses. Simply choose your business type and then follow the steps listed to get your license. Once you meet the requirements, you can apply for your business license online.

Nevada Contractor License

Nevada issues Class A, B, and C contractors licenses. Regardless of the license you choose, you’ll need four years of work experience before you can become a licensed contractor. You also must pass a trade exam and the CMS exam. You’ll also need a financial statement that demonstrates financial responsibility for your contractor business. The state requires that you submit your fingerprints for a background check. You’ll also have to submit money to the Residential Recovery Fund if you’re going to work on residential properties. Finally, you’ll need to get a bond for the appropriate amount for your license type. Once you have everything in order, submit your application to the Nevada State Contractors Board. Once approved, you’ll become a licensed contractor.

Nevada Insurance License

You don’t have to take pre-licensing education to get your insurance license in Nevada, although many people choose to take classes. If you take classes, you’ll be positioned to pass the insurance licensing exam. You have to take and pass an exam for each line of authority you want to carry. Schedule your exam through Pearson VUE. Pass the exam and then submit your fingerprints. Then, apply for your license through the National Insurance Producer Registry.

Nevada Medical License

You need to graduate from a board-approved medical school to become a licensed physician in Nevada. You also need to complete at least three years of post-graduate training. Before you can get licensed, you need to pass Steps 1, 2, and 3 of the USMLE. You can make a total of nine attempts, but you can only take Step 3 three times. If you don’t pass on the third try, you have failed the exam. You have seven years from the day you pass the first step to pass the remaining steps. You can then apply for licensure through the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners.

Nevada Nursing License

If you want to become a nurse in Nevada, you have different options. You can become an LPN or RN by first completing an approved nursing program. If you want to become an LPN, take the NCLEX-PN exam after you graduate. You must take the NCLEX-RN exam if you wish to become an RN. You also need to submit your fingerprints. You can then apply for your license via the Nevada Nurse Portal of the Nevada State Board of Nursing.

Once you hold an RN license, you can move toward becoming an APRN. You need to earn a master’s or doctorate degree from an approved nurse practitioner program. You will have to acquire clinical experience during the program. You also must take an exam to obtain national certification. The test you take depends on your specialty. Once you meet the requirements, you can apply for your license through the Nevada Nurse Portal. Be mindful of the continuing education requirements to maintain your nursing license.

Nevada Real Estate Agent License

You need to be at least 18 years old and meet the education requirements before getting a Nevada real estate license. You’ll need 90 hours of pre-licensing education, consisting of 45 hours or three college credits each in Real Estate Principles and Real Estate Law. The Real Estate Law class also must have 18 hours of Nevada real estate law. Then, submit your fingerprints and undergo a background check. Next, you’ll be ready to take the Nevada Real Estate Salesperson Licensing Exam. You can register on the Pearson VUE website. Once you pass the exam, you can submit your application to the Department of Business and Industry Real Estate Division.

Nevada Teacher License

You can begin down the path to becoming a teacher by completing a teacher preparation program from an accredited college or university. The program must include at least three hours in parental involvement and family engagement and three hours in education for students with disabilities. Then, you must take the Praxis Series Exams. You’ll start with the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators. Then, you’ll need to take the Principles of Learning and Teaching exams for your grade level. Finally, you have to pass the Praxis Subject Assessments for your desired endorsement area. After passing the exams, provide your fingerprints for the background check. You can then apply for your license through the State of Nevada Department of Education.

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